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Rise Against The Machine is a tribute to Rage Against the Machine hailing from Dallas, TX. Vocalist Dustin Tomas, Guitarist Johnny Lozano, Bassist Jeremiah Fuentes, and Drummer Ray Villarreal have brought their passion for what Rage Against the Machine stood up for all these years. RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE is authentic recreation of the baddest band on the planet, Rage Against the Machine! RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE is dedicated to capturing the sound, the look, and the stage presence of Rage Against the Machine.

“By far the most intense tribute band in DFW is Rise Against The Machine (Rage Against The Machine tribute), period!  This band knocks my socks off every show!” – Jam Magazine

“You can feel that rage all over again when tribute act Rise Against the Machine brings the band’s highly original sound to Dallas” – Granada theater

“Next best thing to Rage Against the Machine” – Alan Ayo 97.1 The Eagle Rocks

The band has over 5,700 likes on Facebook:

Rise Against the Machine has gone in the studio and recorded 3 songs: Killing in the Name, Bulls on Parade, and Guerilla Radio. You can listen to those tracks here:


Bulls on Parade video:

60 sec promo video filmed at the House of Blues Dallas:

Killing In The Name LIVE at the House of Blues Dallas:



RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE has performed at all the major clubs such as The House of Blues in New Orleans, House of Blues Houston, and House of Blues in Dallas.  Rise Against the Machine has played at all the major Dallas/Fort Worth clubs such as Trees, Curtain Club, The Granada Theater, Gas Monkey Live, Ridglea Theater, and The Rail Club.  Rise Agasinst the Machine has performed all over the southwest United States.

Rise Against the Machine has performed with other major tribute bands such as Metalachi (from Los Angeles), Nirvanna (Nirvana tribute from Florida), TOOLOGY (Tool tribute from Houston), Schism (TOOL tribute from New York City), Back in Black (AC/DC tribute band), Guns 4 Roses, Zepparella (Led Zep tribute band from San Francisco), One (Metallica tribute band from Minneapolis, Minnesota), Rusted Cage (Soundgarden tribute band from Houston), and other great tribute bands.

Rise Against The Machine usually performs 8 to 14 songs per set depending their time slot.  Here are songs that they have performed LIVE: 

  • Killing in the Name,
  • Bulls on Parade
  • Guerilla Radio
  • Renegades of Funk
  • Testify
  • Sleep Now In The Fire
  • Know Your Enemy
  • People of the Sun
  • Bombtrack
  • Calm Like a Bomb
  • Down Rodeo
  • Bullet in the Head
  • Take the Power Back
  • Freedom
  • Vietnow
  • The Ghost of Tom Joad
  • Tire Me
  • Fistful of Steel
  • Snake Charmer
  • Without a Face
  • War Within a Breath
  • Revolver
  • Roll Right

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