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Rise Against The Machine is a tribute to Rage Against the Machine hailing from Dallas, TX. Vocalist Dustin Tomas, Guitarist Johnny Lozano, Bassist Jeremiah Fuentes, and Drummer Ray Villarreal has brought their passion for what Rage Against the Machine stood up for all these years. RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE is authentic recreation of the baddest band on the planet, Rage Against the Machine! RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE is dedicated to capturing the sound, the look, and the stage presence of Rage Against the Machine.

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Rise Against the Machine has gone in the studio and recorded 3 songs: Killing in the Name, Bulls on Parade, and Guerilla Radio. You can listen to those tracks here:

Rise Against the Machine has produced one video and is currently working on 2 more videos:

RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE has performed at all the major clubs in Dallas such as The House of Blues, Trees, Curtain Club, The Granada Theater, and Gas Monkey Live. Rise Agasinst the Machine has played all over the performed all over the southwest and make it’s way to Arkansas. Rise Against the Machine has performed with other major tribute bands such as Metalachi (from Los Angeles), Clownvis Presely, TOOLOGY, Schism (from New York City), Back in Black, Guns 4 Roses, and other great tribute bands.